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Havoc is a good old fashioned "beat the living daylights out of everything that moves" kind of game. Your goal is simple: Destroy every building on the screen in order to progress. Of course, the inhabitants will not take kindly to your godzilla-like tendencies and attempt to stop you at every turn. Shots will fly and bombs will be planted to blow the buildings out from beneath your claws - but nothing a good stomp can't take care of.

Your job is to wreak havoc and have a blast while doing it.


  • 10 challenging levels brimming with enemies. Survival is not guaranteed. Think that's too easy? Beat every level to unlock a Sudden Death mode and fight to the bitter end
  • Use a vast array of attacks to decimate the city of Metru Nui. Smash walls with your fists, pound the rooftops with your feet, and drain the energies of any matoran daring (or foolish) enough to stand in your path!
  • See the smoke plume and feel the earth shake with vivid detail thanks to our newly developed Proximity engine.
  • Carve out a legend for yourself on our new online high scores database.

Ready to wreak some havoc?

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(15.5MB) For Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7